Executive Team

Real Team is an independent content provider of Actionable Information for Investment & Trading community worldwide.

Information such as Transcripts of Earnings calls, Business Updates, Mergers & Acquisitions and Brokerage events. Fundamental data sourced from SEC Filings, Press Releases and other sources of mandatory disclosure. Real Team makes a difference to its clients in this commoditized market data world by offering innovative, speedy and accurate content as compared to other providers so that clients can leverage it to make faster & better decisions effectively.

Actionable Information (AI) that could change prospects of stakeholders in stock markets, Live audio-video webcasts of significant corporate events delivered in multiple audio-video formats are accurately transformed into a timely, ready to use piece of Actionable Information using our proprietary Audio-to-Text transformation engine.

In addition to providing Live Transcripts, Real Team offers customized content services to professionals in Trading, Investment Management & Banking and leading participants in the financial markets, thereby allowing them to save time, cost and resources for gathering, analyzing & leveraging market moving information.

Globally, Clients leverage our competencies to improve operational efficiencies, enhance their product value, develop first-to-market products using our quick scale-up model and make the most of opportunities through quick access to market-relevant information.

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