Real Team is a leading provider of Actionable Information related to Equities, Corporate and Industry events critical for Institutional Investors, Investment Management & Banking and Company Research.

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About Real Team

Real Team is a leading provider of Actionable Information including live feed of Earnings calls, Business Updates, Mergers & Acquisitions and important corporate events, Ready-to-use data sourced from SEC Filings, Press Releases and other important documents of corporate disclosure.

Real Team makes a difference to its clients in this commoditized Equities data environment by offering innovative, first-to-get and accurate content as compared to other providers so that clients can leverage it to make faster & better decisions effectively.

Most of the time we hear Clients not being contended with the commoditized marketplace with everyone getting access to consensus based coverage and timelines. Real Team understands each client’s individual requirements and offers solutions & options to go for customized content whether it’s the timelines in which it is delivered or ready-to-use formats which can save significant time and energy or provide vital inputs to internal applications of Clients so they can act on it faster & effectively.

Actionable Information that could change prospects of stakeholders in stock markets, Impact portfolio valuations, Create investment opportunities, Mitigate risk and reduce trading cost is transformed into a timely, ready to use piece of Actionable Information using our proprietary processes and technology gained over last 10 years.


Events Calendar

Comprehensive calendar of events covering more than 7500 global equities which actively host conference calls for corporate events. Events information such as webcast links, dial-in and replay phone numbers both local & international with access passcodes. Links to investor relations page and webcast replays if available.

Event Audios

Get easy and quick access to more than 30,000 event audios for more than 7,500 equities globally. Easy access to thousands of audios, mostly available as soon as the live event is done. You can download or play the same with a built-in player.

 Live Text feed

Most accurate version of text of live audio events is made available by Real Team. The only provider with the capability to provide live coverage for any event of U.S. or non-U.S. equity. A live audio text using our proprietary audio-to-text workflow engine. No limitations whatsoever on the live events coverage. End-users of this feed include Quants, Brokerages, HFTs, News Providers, Financial Data Analytics & others.


The only provider to guarantee names & numbers verified transcript in fastest turnaround. Clients leverage SPEED-Transcripts to get quicker access to earnings events transcripts giving them head-start in coverage during the earnings season and early-access to important corporate events conference call details. Arbitrage opportunities, Mitigating risk, Portfolio monitoring, early investment opportunities are major gains realized by having timely access to this piece of Actionable Information.

Real Team Solutions

Real Team is an independent content provider of Actionable Information for Investment & Trading community worldwide.


People Skills

Process Knowledge

Technology Expertise

Execution and Delivery

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Sachin Chapke

With more than 14 years of experience in the Digital Publishing & Financial Information industry, he has been instrumental in positioning Real Team at the forefront of the Actionable Information (A.I.) and data transformation industry. Enabling clients to improve their time-to-market and ensuring quick roll-outs of innovative products and solutions has been his strength all along.

Continuous improvement has been the underlying approach towards delivering efficient solutions to clients.

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Narendra Jadhav
Head - H.R.

After having majored in Econometrics & Humanities, He has finished his Masters in H.R. from the prestigious JBIMS. "People's Man" has been the label he is carrying for most of his career. Finding, Grooming and Leveraging talent has been his biggest belief and pursuit since he took to Human Resources as his career choice.

Mapping people to jobs which brings out the best in their potential enables manifold contribution to the organization and ultimately to the clients.

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Mangesh Kulkarni

Having background in Mechanical Engineering with advanced studies in IT Systems brings unique flavor to the projects he implements. Project Systems, Automating processes, Validation scripts and Enterprise-wide Information Systems are some of the functions he is responsible for.

Being part of the Shipping industry early on in his career and having sailed across the Atlantic has prepared him to take on challenges of any large-scale project implementation.

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Anantha Krishna
Head - Client Services

After having majored in Science and being with the organization since its inception and having worked through the ranks has made him a seasoned player. Spearheading major initiatives and executing projects and product development with finesse has long been his forte.

His patience and perseverance add another dimension to his problem-solving skills. He has been part of and a significant contributor in generating robust solutions for effective management.

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